Nitsol Fashion Academy

Our focus is to prepare students for careers in Fashion Design, Pattern Drafting, Garment Construction, Tailoring, Merchandising/Buying, and Entrepreneurship

Our Programs

“We enable you to see from the ground floor what it is like to run a fashion business and the work it takes to get it done right.”

Native Design

Certificate of Fashion Design


About Us

Nitsol Fashion started in 1992 with the name Clear-Cut. It initially focused on designing garments for various occasions. The name Nitsol was incorporated in 2002 with the establisment of a vocational institute. Students are able to join our classes to learn how to create and repair African attires, and immerse themselves into fashion design.

We are excited that our unique products are expanding beyond domestic to international level. Our values and mission are important to us, and allows us to build on the foundations of over 20 years of dedicated service. It is our responsibility to ensure all clients enjoy our services, and our students are capable of building a fashion brand for their future.